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Career Opportunities for
new insurance intermediaries

We support young people who are educated, skilled and able as we believe that the new generation will bring private insurance closer to the consumer of the future. If you believe in the contribution of private insurance to family, society and the economy and you like to communicate with people, the profession of insurance intermediary might be the right profession for you. We have the appropriate experience to guide you and you will use your talent in human relationships, awareness, hard work and creativity to succeed.Εxtra-Image1.jpgΕxtra-Image2.jpg

Career Cooperation with
insurance intermediaries

Insurance market has many professionals who have the specialization and the know-how and can combine the traditional elements of insurance with the changes brought by technology. The ANAX team is open to cooperating with experienced people who believe in the synergies and principles of ANAX. We can offer you insurance solutions for all cases, and the tools and technical means to process each insurance request in a fast and easy way.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.