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Insurance of transported goods

Movable goods are assets that are exposed to many risks throughout the process of storage and transport. From the moment transportation companies receive the goods until the moment they deliver them, they are responsible for any damage or loss. There are many solutions in the insurance market based on the three clauses of the Insurance Institute of London (Institute Cargo Clauses A, B or C).

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The products that are insured cover a range of industries from food and beverages to technology items, mechanical equipment, metals etc.
When the transport company is not responsible:

The transport company is not liable when it proves that the loss or damage of the goods is due to either a wrong action or the instructions of the person making the claim or to a hidden defect in the goods or to circumstances which the carrier could not have avoided or prevented their consequences.

The law:

According to article 13 of L.3887 / 2010, the transport companies are obligated to have insurance coverage of at least up to sixty thousand euros for the restoration of the damage that may occur to the loader when it is the responsibility of the carrier. The non-conforming of the above obligation by the transport company implies the deprivation of the right to practice the profession of road hauler of both the company and its shareholders / partners for one year and, in case of recurrence, forever [article 116 par. 4 of N 4070/2012 (Government Gazette Α΄82 / 10.4.2012) which amended the initial regulation of article 13 of L.3887 / 2010)].

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.