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Travel Insurance

We are by your side in every trip, to ensure that whatever goes wrong when you are abroad, you will be able to deal with it immediately and find a solution.

An insurance plan covers the case of having to be hospitalized in a foreign country, the compensation for total or partial disability, your transfer to your country of residence, expenses for stolen documents or lost luggage and much more. What suits you best? Let’s discuss it.

Travel insurance plans cover you whether you are traveling for business or leisure and offer you important benefits. Their cost is extremely low, and they save you from expenses in case of an emergency.
Tour operators Insurance

Tour operators are obliged by law to obtain civil liability insurance, which will indemnify their clients in case of insolvency, errors, or omissions.
Group Travel Insurance

Group travel insurance products are extremely low cost and cover a range of risks that would result in high costs for travelers if they had to pay them on their own.
Travel Insurance for Individuals

During a trip there are many risks that can cost us in time or even money but, which we can insure against with the right travel insurance.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.