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Tour operators are obliged by law to obtain civil liability insurance, which will indemnify their clients in case of insolvency, errors, or omissions. The advice of a professional insurance consultant is essential in order to design a product that will provide cover to the tour operators in the case they are liable for a harmful event, damages or even the loss of life. ANAX has the right people and years of experience assist you.
What the law stipulates:

The organizers who are established in Greece ensure through their insurance policy the return of all the money paid by the travelers or on their behalf, with the exception that the relevant services are not performed due to insolvency of the organizers. Since passenger transport is included in the package tour, the organizers also provide guarantees for the repatriation of travelers by activating the relevant clauses of the insurance policy.

Organizers who are established outside of the EU and sell group packages for travelling to Greece or who direct by any means such activities to Greece are obliged to obtain such insurance policies.

The organizers must cover the amount of payments made by travelers or on their behalf for the purchase of a package, considering the time between the collection of advances and final payments and the completion of the package as well as the estimated cost of repatriation in the case of insolvency of the organizer.

Insolvency protection of the organizer covers travelers regardless of their place of residence, place of departure or place of sale of the package, as well as regardless of the country in which the insurance company providing insolvency protection is located.

When the insolvency of the organizer affects the fulfillment of the package, the guarantee is activated free of charge, to ensure repatriation and, if necessary, to cover the short-term stay until repatriation is possible.

For travel services not used, refunds will be issued without any delay

The organizers who are established in Greece must declare the number of the insurance policy and the name of the insurance company to the Ministry of Tourism.

Any organizers / sellers who are established in Greece and do not obtain insurance policies, can be fined for € 20,000.00 by the Tourism Services and if according to the current legislation they operate as a tourist office, their Certificate is revoked.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.