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Partners / Co-operation ProceduresANAX
Together we are stronger

Our partners are the driving force of ANAX.

That is why we are by your side. We provide you with the necessary tools and technical support to improve your daily life as professionals but also to be able to provide services that are characterized by quality and immediacy. For each partner the guidance is individualized based on their needs and goals for development. Areas in which we invest in ANAX are the continuous training and information both on the methods of organizing the sales and the communication with the insured as well as on product details. Our goal is to help our partners constantly evolve and improve.

10 tools that make our lives easier

At ANAX we give you access to tools that will help you respond directly to the needs of your existing or future customers:

Full insurance coverage
We can help you find cover for any risk. Even if you do not specialize in certain products, our people can guide you to provide the appropriate cover to your customer.
We will show you step by step how to formulate insurance proposals with competitive costs and how to present them to your customers.
Online tools
You will have access to Online monitoring of your clientele with a personal password.
Collection control
You will have direct contact with the collection department.
Cooperating companies
You will be able to offer your customers the best option, since we work with all insurance companies in Greece.
IT and accounting support.
We provide you with excellent IT and accounting support.
Our many years of experience in the industry and the credibility that comes with ANAX will play a positive role.
After sales service
Considering the After sales service is crucial in insurance, we have created a well-functioning mechanism, which is at your disposal.
Damage control
ANAX has also created its own model in claims management and monitoring.
Specialized insurance packages
We provide specialized, exclusive, and innovative insurance products for our partners.

Partners / Co-operation ProceduresWhat we provide:

Professional Liability insurance for Intermediaries
Mobile phone
Corporate travel
Company car
Extra medical care and pension
Fee for setting up new partners

FactsGreek Insurance Market

  • Insurance contributes to the stability of the standard of living of individuals, to entrepreneurship and development, to public finances and to the macroeconomic performance of the economy.
  • From a social point of view, insurance contributes to strengthening social stability, securing jobs and preventing and managing risks.
  • The total contribution of the private insurance market to the Greek economy in 2018 is estimated at €4.14 billion or 2.2% of GDP.
  • For every €1 of added value in the private insurance market, a total of €3.6 more is generated in the Greek economy.
  • The total contribution of the private insurance industry to employment is estimated at 70.900, equivalent to 1.9% of the total workforce in Greece in 2018.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.