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Bicycle is not just a means of transportation but also a way of life. More and more people use bicycles not just for exercising but also as a way of commuting. Since, there are risks involved in riding a bike and the potential cost may be high it is worth it to insure your bike.

There are insurance companies with specialized programs that cover various parameters in case of accidents. Contact ANAX to discuss which program best suits your needs.

There are insurance products that cover your third-party liability in the event of an accident, i.e., damage, injury or even death that you may cause while riding a bicycle. Also covered are medical expenses for you in case you hurt yourself, and, in some cases, dental expenses are also covered. There is also a theft cover in case your bike is stolen as well as bike replacement in case it is destroyed.

ANAX consultants are here to help you.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.