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Private Clients' Insurance

ANAX is a company that focuses on people. The very nature of our work concerns the protection of human beings and the maintenance of their standard of living.

We are here to listen, to analyze your needs and to help you choose the best insurance policy in terms of cost-benefit in order to protect your health, your family, your property, to cover future expenses and more.

For three decades we stand by our customers, we work with them. That’s why most people who turn to us are through referrals. We have the experience, knowledge, expertise, and professional intermediaries.
We are here to meet your needs.
We are by your side.

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Life Insurance

Insure your life: It’s precious to you and your family.
Health Insurance

Health insurance is a safety valve that every modern person should have.
Pensions Insurance-Pension Plans

Be able to maintain your current lifestyle.
Motor Insurance

Motor Liability insurance is an act of liability to society, as it covers significant financial burdens arising from road accidents.
Home Insurance

Home insurance is a way to ensure that you and your family will not be homeless even after a major disaster.
Professional Liability Insurance

A wrong moment, a wrong decision, or an omission while at work can hurt third parties and cause you great damages and years of litigation.
Insurance for foreigners and immigrants

Immigrants and foreigners coming to Greece from third countries, outside the EU, according to law (Law 4251 as of 2014) must hold comprehensive sickness insurance.
Pleasure craft Insurance

Civil Liability insurance is mandatory for owners of pleasure boats.
Bicycle Insurance

There are insurance companies with specialized programs that cover various parameters in case of accidents.
Pet Insurance

There are specialized programs in the Greek insurance market that cover expenses for the care of your dog or cat.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.