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Civil Liability insurance is mandatory for owners of pleasure boats. This means that boat owners are obliged by law to insure their boats against causing damages, injury or even death to third parties. As required by law, insurance companies cover bodily injuries from a collision, shipwreck, or similar causes up to the amount of € 50,000 per passenger and € 500,000 per incident. Also covered are damages up to the amount of € 150,000 that can be caused to foreign property but also marine pollution and actions for its restoration with € 150,000.

A pleasure craft gives us the feeling of freedom and carefreeness and this feeling should be reassured by following the law so that in case of damages caused, you will be able to compensate the third parties. In addition to mandatory insurance, insurance companies cover the property, i.e., the boat itself in the event of sinking, collision, fire, or damage due to a hazardous event.

Contact an ANAX consultant to help you get the insurance policy that suits you the best. We will explain everything you need to know, the special terms and exclusions. It is very important to have a qualified insurer for your coverage. For example, in case your boat is used for sports, then this must be declared in order to be covered or you can have cover for transporting your boat with a trailer.

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Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.