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What should I look out for before buying insurance?

Before buying insurance, you should consult a specialized insurance agent. Comprehensive planning is what will ensure that you are properly covered.

Why choose ANAX?

Because we will be by your side in the whole process, informing you, designing a tailor-made insurance policy and compensating your claims as fast as possible.

Who is the policy holder and the beneficiary?

The policyholder is the person who undertakes the obligations arising from the insurance contract as well as the payment of the insurance premium. The policyholder and the beneficiary can be the same person.

What are the exclusions in my contract?

These are the terms that state which specific risks you are not covered from.

What is the extra premium?

The extra premium is required when certain factors – such as your age – can affect the risk associated with an insurance policy. E.g., a young driver in car insurance.

What should I do if something happens to me that is covered by my contract?

You should contact us immediately so that we can provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

What is the deductible?

If your insurance policy refers to a deductible amount, this is the amount deducted from the coverage provided by the insurance policy. For example, if in a health insurance policy, the deductible amount is 200 euros and the cost of treatment is 3,000 euros, 2,800 will be covered by your contract and you will pay 200 euros.

Right of withdrawal

Every insurance policy holder maintains the right of withdrawal within a specified time period- 30 days for life/health insurance and 14 days for any other insurance policy-to withdraw from the Insurance policy agreement for any reason.

How can I file a complaint regarding your company?

You can file a complaint by sending an email to XXXXXXX

What should I do in case I am in a car accident?

Call your agent and road help or accident care, depending on the condition in which your vehicle is in and what is included in your policy. Accident care will assist  you in completing the Friendly Settlement Agreement if you agree with the third parties involved in the accident on the reason the accident happened.

What should I do in case my Home or Business is robbed?

Your first move in these cases is to call the police who will record what happened. Afterwards call your insurance agent so he can provide you with further instructions.

Who should consider a ransom, abduction or extortion insurance?

This kind of insurance is of interest to either legal entities or individual who might be at risk of getting abducted.

Who needs travel insurance?

Whoever travels for leisure or business needs travel insurance so that they are able to have cover in case of emergency medical expenses, hospitalization loss or theft of travel documents.

What does an annual health insurance policy mean?

It is a flexible policy in terms of cover, benefits and cost that is renewed every year and provides a number of options to the insured.

How can I know what kind of insurance my business needs?

Your Insurance Agent, who will visit you, prior to suggesting the most suitable solutions for your business will perform a risk analysis. This way he can rank in terms of importance the risks that can affect your business and that you can insure against.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.