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With an insurance policy you can rebuild your home

An earthquake, a fire, or a flood can destroy a lifetime’s worth of hard work. In addition to isolated incidents of residential destructions, extreme weather phenomena are now being recorded in Greece, leading to massive property destruction. Cases such as the floods in Mandra in November 2017 and the fire in Mati in July 2018, showcase that we must be prepared, even for such extreme cases, to be able to repair the damage caused or even build a new house from scratch. Also, apart from the fact that Greece is in a seismogenic zone, we now have incidents of strong winds and even hurricanes, due to climate change.

The cost of home insurance is extremely low in relation to the costs that you will need to cover in case your house is damaged. Imagine how important it is for a homeowner to know that their home is secured and that they can rebuild it.
Insure the “what if” in your life
Home insurance generally covers losses due to:
Flood, storm, thunderstorm
Aircraft crash
Vehicle collision
Malicious / terrorist acts
Burglary damage
Technical support

Home insurance is a way to ensure that you and your family will not be homeless even after a major disaster. Talk to a specialized consultant of ANAX, who will record your needs, will take into account all the necessary factors and will design for you the best product based on your family budget and the risks involved. The contribution of a specialized professional is necessary to be properly insured but also to inform you about the exclusions and the points where you should focus. Your personal advisor will be always by your side.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.