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Health insurance is a step towards prevention

19 February 2020

Many diseases can be prevented or have a better prognosis if diagnosed early. A polyp that can develop into cancer can be removed if it is discovered early on, HPV infection is prevented if treated or a simple blood test can lead to the diagnosis of diabetes and so on.

Access to primary health care depends on our current health, the long-term financial burden on the health system and our family budget.

This need is covered by modern insurance policies, which are affordable for most citizens, covering the most important asset of their lives, their health.

What is covered:

  • Visits to doctors of all medical specialties
  • Visits to emergency rooms of Private Hospitals
  • Examinations in case of an emergency
  • Annual blood test

Call us to get in contact with a professional insurance consultant and find out more about the options available and the product that provides you with the cost-benefit ratio you want.

In the 21st century with the development of science and medicine, there should not be any lives lost due to a disease that could have been prevented. Health, ours, and that of our family, is precious and we must protect it by all means. Because it is always better to prevent than to cure.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.

Copyright by ANAX. All rights reserved.